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*Acne Options

Do you have acne? Derma Bright Clinic is one of Vancouver’s best places to treat your acne. We are committed to helping our clients clear and heal their acne using our “Face Your Acne” technique. Developed over many years of practice, this treatment protocol uses a series of in-clinic visits, technology (LED light, High Frequency, Oxygen and/or Laser), recommended professional products and ongoing lifestyle coaching and encouragement. We provide insight into some of the internal functions which may be contributing to the acne and use our clinical aesthetic services including exfoliation, professional extractions, peels and our special weapons, Blue LED light, Oxygen and the Icon Laser as well as recommendations for home care.

Description Duration Price - do not include Taxes
Teen Facial 45 min $75
First Facial 45 min $75
Basic Package Assessments and 6 x 60-minute sessions that include Extraction, Exfoliation, & Blue LED light. 360 min $450 = $150 savings!
Bronze Package Assessments, 6 x 60 minute sessions that include Extraction, Exfoliation, & Blue LED light; includes 2 take home products. 360 min $499 = $200 savings!
Silver Package Includes: Assessments, 10 x 60 minute sessions including extraction, exfoliation, Blue LED light with Oxygen blast, & 2 take-home products. OUR BEST OFFER! 600 min $849 = $501 savings!
Gold Package Assessments, 12 x 60 minute sessions including Extractions, Exfoliation, Blue LED light Panel, Oxygen blast, 3 take home products and 1 session with a Holistic Nutritionist. 720 min $1299 = $350 savings!
Platinum Package Assessments, 14 x 60 minute sessions including Extractions, Exfoliation, Blue LED Light Panel, Oxygen blast, up to 2 take home products, and one month plan (2 sessions) with a Holistic Nutritionist. 840 min $1499 = $401 savings!
Basic acne treatments start at (not including home products). 45 min $75
Add-on: Nelly deVuyst Bio Med Products From $48
Add on: LED Light 15 min $25

Are you tired of feeling blue about your acne? Hesitant to go out and show your face? Join the happy clients we have helped over the years who achieved success in healing their acne.


Clients skin before Acne Laser Treatment

* Before treatment

Clients facial skin during procedure

* During Exfoliation

Clear skin post Acne Treatment

* After treatment

*Results may vary

*Acne Treatment protocol

All acne sessions begin with a thorough consult and examination. Once we consult with you we develop a treatment protocol that will generally include: Extractions, Exfoliation, Peels and the use of technology such as LED Light / Oxygen, High Frequency or Laser. We also take the time to coach you around things like diet and stress. As acne forms over many months, most acne treatments will require more than one session with us. We offer acne packages starting with six sessions.

When we consult with you we will let you know what we think you need. Our Teen Facials are a great place to start for teens and for those who have never had a facial before, we offer the First Facial. With professional skin treatments you will notice reduced appearance of active pimples, redness and improved evenness in texture and tightness. It is vital to treat acne or it will result in lifelong scars or hyperpigmentation.  If scars are presenting we offer the Icon Laser service to reduce them. Acne packages are also available as above.

The owner, Estrellita Gonzalez, has written and published a book: “Face your Acne” – available on Amazon and Amazon Kindle; this is how committed we are to helping our acne clients heal their acne!

*Acne Scar Treatment

When Acne is not treated, it will most inevitably lead to scarring. If you have acne scarring we have several treatment protocols available for you:

  • Alumier medical grade Peel: an effective smoothing peel designed to promote new skin growth;
  • Alex Peel: a popular herbal peel available in 3 strengths;
  • Icon 1540 laser:  is a laser rejuvenation system from one of the leading companies in the world, Cynosure. This amazing device is both a Laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) device and extremely effective in restoring youthful, smooth skin with an even color. This is a wonderful non-invasive solution!

All procedures require a consult first so if you are curious to see what options there are, please book a FREE consult!

*Acne Testimonials:

“Super glad to be having Derma Bright clinic as my new sponsor! I am the current Miss Teenage Burnaby and to me, having healthy skin is more important than ever! I am so thankful for Estie and Sandra for the facials, the guidance, and the tips to assist me in getting a glowy complexion! I have some acne problems, and after a few treatments I could see great improvement and my skin feels quite refreshed! I highly recommend Derma Bright to everyone, especially if you have questions or needs about skin care (like me!!!)!”

*Results may vary

Ariel Cao, Miss Teen Burnaby 2014

*Results may vary


*“Derma Bright Clinic is the epitome of professional service, friendly staff and incredibly effective treatments. Visiting the clinic for over a year now, not only have I enjoyed each and every session, the results alone are worth each visit. They pride themselves on delivering the best, from treatments to great products, I would highly recommend Derma Bright any day.” Robin LJ – a satisfied acne client

*“Just wanted to say thank-you. The blue light treatment seemed to really help clear up my skin, so I am very happy about that!” Marlee F, acne client


In order to achieve healthy acne-free skin we have several treatment options available depending on the severity of the acne. We feel that generally there is a multi-pronged approach to solving the acne riddle, and this includes testing, proper home care, ongoing services (e.g. facials, peels, machine treatments such as Blue LED light), lifestyle changes and ongoing support and coaching. Using professional-grade exfoliants such as peels applied by a professional assists the acne clearing process.

*How can a professional treatment help?

  • It allows our team to monitor your progress and make changes to your home-care as needed.
  • Professional exfoliation allows home-care products to penetrate the skin more easily.
  • Lightens dark spots (if you have them) that are caused by acne lesions.
  • Hydrates the skin so that it is receptive to the home-care regimen. Dryness is often an initial reaction when switching products but will correct itself.
  • Allows for extraction of existing acne impactions.
  • Using the Blue LED light, allows for killing the acne causing bacteria on the skin.
  • Weekly or bi-weekly professional acne treatments performed by our trained professionals.
  • We also need to closely monitor your skin to make sure we are maximizing what we can to do clear the skin without causing irritation.
  • We are your partners in this process, working together so you can have clear skin as quickly as possible.