Our Team

Founder & Owner

Estrellita “Estie” Gonzalez, BBA

Estrellita is the Founder and Owner of Derma Bright Clinic. She started the clinic in 2012 after a journey of wellness that included the discovery of high amounts of lead in her body. After much research, she discovered that beauty and cosmetic products were likely contributors to this finding. After doing some marketing work for a company that produces the technology she uses in her clinic, she realized the Aesthetics industry was going to be changing with the advent of technology. Derma Bright Clinic is the result of this journey.

Prior to starting the clinic, Estrellita spent 20 years in the corporate world working in senior HR and Marketing roles in Canada and Asia. She holds a BBA in HR Management, along with Diplomas in Sales/Marketing Management and Hotel Management. She is the author of several books and conducts workshops and retreats on wellness. She is a single co-parent to a teen son and serves her community as an elected 2nd term School Trustee and Vice-Chair with the Vancouver School Board.

Desiree Panico

Client Liaison & Senior Skincare Technician

Desiree is a professionally trained and certified Aesthetician. Prior to immigrating to Canada, she managed her own business in South Africa for many years. Desiree’s knowledge includes facials, skin peelings, and body treatments. She is a senior facialist specializing in anti-aging and acne facials and peels. Desiree understands that achieving the best results for a healthy mind and body, one needs to follow a clean diet, exercise regularly, and that laughing every day is the key to staying young!

Kadi Chams

Senior Skincare, Potenza & LPG Technician

Kadi is a Senior Aesthetician with many years of experience dedicated to skin, body & hair improvement. She graduated from a Body and Facial Aesthetics College (SENAC) & a hairstylist institute (Nonaka) in Brasil. Kadi worked for clinics & beauty salons as well as managed her own salon in Brazil for over ten years before immigrating to Canada. Her knowledge & techniques include medical aesthetics, biological & enzyme peeling, deep cleansing, lymphatic drainage, micro-current, lifting & electro-lifting for face treatments as well as Isometric Exercise, Mesotherapy, Gommage, Thermotherapy, Cryotherapy, & Lymphatic Drainage body treatments. She is a senior facialist providing anti-aging & acne facials, peels, Potenza and LPG services.

Irene Hui

Skincare & Laser Technician

Irene has been involved directly and indirectly in the beauty, laser and skincare profession for the last two decades. She has amassed an enormous amount of up-to-date experience and understands what it is to be the client as well as a certified practitioner in laser and skincare. Irene has a philosophy that beauty and health are not only external but also internal. She is a certified chef and compliments this with the formal wine training she has received. Irene blends elegance, style, and form with beauty. Understanding her client needs is a special talent and skill Irene possesses and clients benefit greatly. Interestingly, Irene means peace in Greek and we all know that peace and beauty go hand in hand.

Kalpana Jadav


Kalpana is a fully-certified Aesthetician with 10+ years of experience. Prior to joining Derma Bright Clinic, Kalpana worked at Linda’s Urban Spa on Broadway/Trafalgar and Le Petite Spa on Alma and Broadway. Her specialties include facials, waxing, threading, eyebrow shaping, lash tinting, body scrubs/wraps, pedicures and manicures.

Ananda Dobbs

Eyelash Technician

Ananda began her lash career in March 2017 after gaining certification & accreditation from BXD Lashes. Growing up on Vancouver’s east side in a blended family of inspiring & successful entrepreneurs, she learned that a strong work ethic as well as passion & purpose were essential requirements for success. After leaving the corporate world she landed in Ontario to take the beauty industry by storm. As a mixed Trinidadian and European woman who has been on a 10 year journey of body acceptance through fitness and nutrition, she is an advocate for finding beauty in all forms. You can find her on both the East and West coast with House of Volume, founded in 2018 by her and Taylor Wettlaufer.

Selena Chan

Peel Specialist

Selena is a Clinical Therapist and Educator with over 15 years of experience in medical aesthetics. She was professionally trained and certified in Vancouver, BC as well as abroad in Germany. She is passionate in pursuing the value of natural beauty. Her valued customers have given her the ability to work instinctively with many natural skin therapies. Selena is considered the expert in Vancouver in natural herbal based Peels.

Yasuyo Kawamoto


Yasuyo is a graduate of Vancouver Community College with an Esthetics Diploma. Prior to joining us she was a massage practitioner & Aromatherapy teacher for over 15 years, in Japan. Her massage specialties include body, facial, prenatal & she is an Esalen® certified practitioner having trained in both Japan & California. Esalen®, a style of Swedish massage that brings deep relaxation of both body & mind, is where she discovered the depth of massage and the importance of the “quality of touch”. Yasuyo's service offerings include facials, peels, & she supervises & practices in the Body program including body massage, wraps, scrubs and slimming & detox programs.

Alisha Kalia

Aesthetician & Receptionist

Alisha is a born and raised Vancouverite and a 2019 graduate of Blanche Macdonald's Esthetics program. She is passionate about skincare and knew she wanted to pursue a career as an Aesthetician from a young age. Alisha has been trained and now experienced in body program and esthetics; she is excited to use her skills and abilities. She is also currently learning ASL so she can communicate with deaf people. Her service offerings at Derma Bright Clinic will include: body scrubs, wraps & massages, waxing, pedicures, eyelash/eyebrow tinting & skincare including facials.



Molly Lee

Holistic Nutritionist

Molly Lee, CHHC, is the founder and director of Energizing Nutrition, an international holistic health and wellness practice based in Vancouver, Canada. Molly’s passion is helping individuals thrive to their fullest potential and lead happier, healthier lives. She has been featured as a health expert in global publications such as Redbook, Glamour and Muscle and Fitness Magazine and is the author of Energizing Nutrition: A New Food Paradigm. For more information, please visit: www.EnergizingNutrition.com *$50 Special promotion: Dermabright clients receive special rate for their first visit, an 1 hr. initial holistic health and nutrition consultation with Molly (regularly $175) The 1 hr. initial consultation includes a full health history, complete nutritional assessment and discussion of a personalized health and nutrition program catered towards your specific needs and goals. To book an initial consultation, email: molly@energizingnutrition.com or Ph: 604-445–7875.

Dr Hwa Lee, RTCMP

TCM, Acupuncturist & Herbalist

Dr. Hwa Lee is a Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner and member of ATCMA. She was a Research Professor, SungKyunKwan University and DaeJeon University in S.Korea and former Associate Researcher, Institute of Philosophy, at Seoul National University. Dr. Hwa holds a PhD from Seoul National University in S. Korea and has been a visiting Professor at UBC with a focus on Asian Studies. She is a member of of SAIT (Society for Acupoint Injection Therapy). Dr Hwa’s services include acupuncture, herbs, cupping, and injections for weight loss, acne, detox, growth, and vitamins.

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